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We are passionate about helping you GO SOLAR QUICKER






At Tungsten Solar, we are on a mission to help you bring solar energy to your home or business confidently and cost effectively. 


We envision a world where 7 DAY SOLAR with a 10 year payback is a reality. Until then…

We aim to lead the transition to renewable energy in Tennessee and Alabama as we earn trust of residents and business owners by educating them on the benefits of installing solar systems and delivering stellar, personalized service.


We believe going solar should be easier. To this end, we have figured out all the ins and outs of making your solar dream a reality. We handle everything for you, from viability studies, to custom design, to all the paperwork – like permits, applications and inspections.

We believe installing a PV system shouldn’t take months. While our 7 DAY SOLAR dream is made impossible by all the red tape, we have developed a process that allows us to proceed faster without cutting corners – starting with lightning fast quotes. 

We believe ‘transparency’ is more than a nice word. Simply put, we think you should know whether solar is a good investment for your home or business and what it’s going to take to make it happen. We make it a point to lay everything out and explain what comprises the cost of installation, how long it takes and why, how much money you’ll save, when the system will pay itself off and what’s involved in maintaining the system.

We believe quality components make good financial sense. Solar is a serious investment and we want to make sure your system lasts long past the breakeven point. To that end, we have tested different systems and have identified the highest quality components to offer to our customers.


Founded in 2012, Tungsten Solar offers NABCEP certified PV installation in Tennessee and Alabama. 

Homeowners throughout the region choose us to guide them through the solar power transition.  Our simpler, faster design/install process and ‘white glove’ service feature:

  • Creating the best design for your home or business 
  • Installing your system in the most optimal location to fit your property
  • Using technologies that give you the option to sell excess solar energy to your local utility and have back-up power for emergency use during power outages
  • Deploying the most up-to-date technologies so you achieve the highest levels of efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • On your behalf, handling the application, approvals and agreements required to get your solar PV installation integrated into the power grid and set up for selling excess green energy
  • Walking you through the complex world of tax incentives and local government or utility incentives

Right up to the moment you ‘flip the switch’ and long afterward, we will be there to assure your installation, integration and transition is optimal and stress-free.  You get the thrill of using energy from the sun for your home or business, plus the worry-free experience that adds to the joy of “going green” and taking control of powering up your property.

“The solar industry can be pretty volatile. Tax incentives and utility incentives have a huge impact on economic viability. It seems it is inordinately difficult for people to go solar here in the South due to high application/interconnection fees, engineering studies, etc. At Tungsten Solar, we take care of EVERYTHING for you to make the transition seamless and quick.”

Ty Pritchard


Ty Pritchard founded Tungsten Solar after 20 years as an electrical services professional. Working in the electrical industry, Ty saw how reducing the barriers to “going solar” could revolutionize the way people think about energy and make it easier for everyone in the area to transition to clean, renewable power, protecting their property from power outages, controlling their own power production with the most advanced technology and making the world a more sustainable place. 

 Ty went on to achieve North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification through a vigorous training and examination process that meets many utility industry requirements (TVA and NES each require NABCEP certification). He also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Energy Management, completing his transition to a fully-qualified, expert photovoltaic system designer and installer.


Ready to transition to solar?

We’d love to help you decide if a PV system is right for you!